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The New Year

The holidays are behind us and the prospect of a New Year lies ahead. It is time to revitalize, reenergize and renew. What better way to do so than with a new palette of colors to design and coordinate with? The Color Marketing Group (CMG) association predicts that blue will dominate the color movement for a number of years, stating that the number of blues represented in all of their regional color forecasts is a key indicator of its importance.

For 2013 specifically, CMG has named “Re-Blued” as the Color of the Year. What is driving the rise of blue? Blue is a stable, comfortable, and well-liked color that is always present in a color palette. Global environmental issues regarding water and the political atmosphere are driving factors in the movement, playing off the desire to preserve the world’s greatest natural resource and restart our economy – representative of making a clean start. The availability of pure water will be an ongoing challenge to us all, and yet water is also calming, serene, ethereal, fun, cleansing and nurturing. It sustains life. The importance of water will be influential on color palettes and products for years to come. Blue colors have also become aligned with technology, an ever-growing, influential industry filled with opportunity and endless possibilities.

The color "Re-Blued" is a mid-range blue reminiscent of clear skies and warm seas, moving us away from denim and indigo influences and playing on several key lifestyle trends – REcycling, REnew, REmember, REwind, REcalibrate, REward and is REliable. Its reliable nature comes from its ability to bridge generations, products and finishes. Blue is like an old friend and still remains a number one color in so many applications. But while previous blue tones have left more of a historical/traditional impression, people now crave warmer, more aqueous blues with a touch of green – hues that are as energizing as they are soothing.

American Olean product manager Robbie Farina states that it's important to recognize that blue will dominate wall coverings, accents and accessories, having a considerable impact on tile designs and coordinating color combinations. Re-Blued is a versatile color that can be updated to contemporary status with vibrant tones, or nestled into a heritage feel with those more historic or traditional. Complementary colors can range from warms grays to neutral creamy whites and beige tones – the possibilities are limitless.

Profiles: Worldly Travels That Inspire

As your customers look to Pinterest for inspiration in their homes or office spaces, American Olean’s product managers look to graphic vendors from around the world for the designs and trends that inspire each new product American Olean offers.

We recently interviewed Gregg Link, product director of wall and mosaics for American Olean, to learn about his journeys around the world and the inspiration behind the products he has helped develop. From our discussion, we learned these critical insights:


Consistency is Key Consistency can be a tough challenge when creating a complex tile design. With each new product that we develop, we are inspired by designs that come from our graphic vendors including one of our newest products which achieves a realistic marble visual with genuine veining. It always amazes us that they are able to design dynamic visuals that we are able to produce exactly the way we envision them.

Inspiration in the IndustryThe essence behind the ceramic tile industry is found in Europe. Collaboration with designers and glaze suppliers overseas is vital. Inspiration from the trade shows in Europe like Cersaie in Bologna, Italy, provide insight into industry trends including a highly diverse and eclectic range in architectural designs.


Knowing the Right Design For the MarketThe international partners American Olean works with know the North American market well. These industry experts provide inspiration for products used all over the world, but the designs that they present are different depending on the market. For example, in Eastern Europe and Spain you would see more colorful looks based on the geographical interests of that area. The ideas and designs the graphic vendors present will become the leading edge residential or commercial products you see from American Olean.

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